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Few tweaks needed

But overall this app is great. Has webm support. My only requests for the dev are: remove history or be able to disable it, set catalog as default view, download a whole thread of pictures at a time.


I will give 5 star if this is fixed or explained to me... For some reason I can't view images posted by anons unless I'm on the catalog, and when I open the thread I can't even see OPs image or anyone else's Help?

4 out of 5 anons agree...

Best way to keep up with /pol/ while you're on the run. Already amazing but it could be better - development seems to be steady with pretty regular updates, so it's definitely getting there. Dev is always listening to feedback and adding useful features.

Finally a chan browser

FYI you have to go into settings to see photos 👍🏼

Not worth it

This is crap, nothing works right

Good but needs features

I'll adjust my rating IF we can save images. I'm guessing this app is allowed in the App Store is because we can't save images. The moment we can save images I'll bet apple pulls the app.


It navigates well and has good features. If I could suggest some future enhancements: Notifications for post and thread replies Expanding the OP image without opening the thread A way to mass remove favorites Post IDs and flags Thank you

Great app

People should review how the app works before complaining. My only request is that I'd like to have a way to save photos if possible. The high resolution photos make great phone wallpapers.

No photos?

app navigates and works well except you can't see photos?? on an image sharing board?

Great app but still no photos

Would love to see photos with each thread

Lol fixed it good app

Pictures don't work


Supports 2ch and 4chan, even has webm support


Wew laddy

Few things i might have missed or want

The ability to save images??? Do i really have to screenshot images to save them to my photo gallery? What about gifs? I might have missed how to do it, but it's not obvious if i did. Abilit to add Favorite boards, the favorite threads is nice, but the ability to jump straight into a board catalog would be appreciated instead of scrolling through the board list Also the ability to put in my 4chan pass so i don't have to put in a captcha and can get around region bans pls. Other than that i do like the layout and the feel of browsing. Pls respond if some of the things i mentioned were just things i missed or if they are planned features

Confused on how to access images

Its a really smooth app for looking at threads but only the text part, im not sure how to access the images or webm's in threads or if that is even a feature of the app. Images are half the enjoyment of threads, so I can only give half stars so far. If you dont care about images that much, you'll definitely like this app. Hopefully its a feature that i havnt found yet or will be implemented in future updates.

Almost Perfect

This app is fantastic for browsing. However, I would like an easier way to save a gif or video as the original format, it gets extremely frustrating. Will 5 star when fixed.

Really good, could get better

Please add catalogue mode, and list order (most replies, bump order, etc) to the preferences menu. If a in app gallery for saved images is possible I think that would be useful too.

Most recent update

I do love the new layout for separate boards. Though in regards to the catalog, which I'm extremely excited about, when using the search bar, the results don't appear.

Good smooth app

Holy crap much better with the catalog, anon number, and all the other features added. The only reason why I haven't rated 5 stars is because there's no ability to sort threads


Solid, beautiful browser for all the stanky danky memes


10/10 would download again

Great, and hopefully will get better

The app has gotten me back into visiting 4chan again. There is a recurring bug that annoys me though. If you post an image in a thread and then want to post another one, you have to back out of the thread and then go back to it. If you don't, hitting the plus icon to add an image won't do anything. Now for some minor annoyances / feature requests. 1) In the modules section there are checkmarks beside 4chan and 2chan, which gives the impression that you can disable modules you're not interested in. Tapping on the checkmarks does not actually do anything though. Unless I learn Russian, I'm probably never going to have a need for 2chan. If you work this out, it would also be appreciated if the icon for 4chan disappeared on the main page, since you would only have one board to select from anyway. 2) It would be nice if the favorites page would indicate if a thread has been closed (or maybe when the last post was). Some threads continue on with the same title, and so I am often unsure which one is the old one. I have a few other suggestions but do not want to bombard you at this point. The other reviewers have also pointed out a few good things. The app is great and I think it has the potential to become even better than the 4chan website.

Good but can be better

Wish it was more like clover on android Sometimes it crashes when watching webms Most important thing is NOTIFICATIONS AND KNOWING WHEN A THREAD IS ARCHIVED

Great app

This app is the best 4chan viewer out there right now. Very sleek and webms play perfectly on iPhone 6S.

Needs option to save pics and add other chans

This app is wonderful I. How it functions. If it allowed you to save pics at their resolution and add other chans this would be dope.

App retroactively charged me?

I got the app FOR free 2 weeks ago and it charged my Apple account without me knowing, I got an email CHARGING me for the app itself.

Happy to see this, needs some improvement

Love that there is finally an app. Would love if you could add more chans (7chan, 420chan, etc). Also would like to be able to save pictures by tapping and holding.

Very good

An overall great app. Awesome for watching WebM's but I wish that the format for looking at replies wasn't so confusing. Rather than acting like a comment section, it should be more like the traditional desktop 4chan. Also, the WebMs work well but unless you already have your phone on portrait mode before you click on the WebM, it will be vertical and when you try to view it horizontally, it is simply a thin bar. It would be more convenient if you fixed that. This is all I have for now. You also should allow the user to save pictures and gifs to their phone by holding down the image or gif in question. So far, I've had to take screenshots and then edit out the black bars. Also, we should be able to copy and paste text as well as be able to click links, both of which are impossible at the moment. Again, fantastic app, would recommend, and introducing these improvements would enhance the experience for all iOS mobile 4chan users.

Great App

it's great to see a 4chan app on ios. the only things that seem to be missing is the ability to search for threads within boards and a catalog view mode. other than that it's a great app. even allows webm playback.

Worth it

It's much faster and responsive than using a browser and very easy to use, well worth the few dollars

So glad there's a chan app

Great that there is a chan app in the AppStore but I much prefer clover to this. Dev should look into that app on android to see how stuff is done with that one.

Fullscreen pls

It would be dope if there was Fullscreen browsing. Please add thank you.

Great, but please add some improvements

It'd be great if you could consider adding more themes and kind of spacing posts out just a tiny bit more. Also another great inclusion would be a thread watcher. Every time a post is posted it could give a notification on your device. Make sure you could toggle notifications to either go off when a post is mentioning (you) or a post is made in general. Also a very important thing would be the ability to click links, usually my way around this is I say to quote the post and copy/paste the link into my browser, it's kinda tedious to do this every time though. So please in the next update consider these things. Also one final request is to add flags and country names on boards that use them. Great job on the app!

Needs flags and better spacing

App could be a home run with some tweaking. Need to include ids/flags on boards that have them and would like a better indication/spacing between posts. Also a way to click on links and save pictures. Get these done and you'll have something special with this app.

Pretty good, just needs a few minor tweaks.

This is a great app, that would be nearly perfect with a few adjustments. It would be nice if you could individually remove posts from your recent history, rather than having to delete them all. It would be easier to revisit topics you've posted in this way. It would also be great if we could get 2chan in its original Japanese, or also in English, since it's already been translated to Russian. Lastly, it would be nice if you could add boards from other sites like 8chan, 420chan, etc.

A step back

Current version broke replies. Still no pass support. Still lacking some quality of life features found in other 4chan apps on android.

New update bug

When watching webMs in gallery mode the next webM doesn't play automatically. You have to hit the play button in the bottom corner every time. Will change rating back to five stars once fixed.

Newest version is worse

No longer shows replies on 4chan. Extremely frustrating.

Missing a lot of features

I just recently switched to IOS and was disappointed there wasn't a selection of 4chan apps like there is for android. I found this and it works well however, looping webms would be nice, and there needs to be a search inside the boards. Otherwise it's a huge waste of time trying to find things that interest me

I can see pictures tho

where are they

Almost perfect

Don't get me wrong, I am stoked to be able to browse 4chan boards on iOS again! Add the ability to click links and it will be a 5 star app

Could use the ability to click links and save pictures.

This is a very good app, although it needs the ability to click on links and save pictures in threads, the ability to reply to a certain comment as well. Unless there are ways to do these things, I'm not sure, if so, it'd be great if someone could mention it in the next update.

Excellent. Just what ios needs

The chan browser we all long for. Thank you, please add 4chan pass support

Works great now!

App is now in English by default for US. Thanks for the update!

The whole thing is in Russian

I spent my last 2 bucks I had to get this app and now I can't feed my child and my wife is threatening divorce so screw this communist app

Excellent app! Webm support!

The app works like it was intended. The 2chan board is in Russian though. The 4chan board is in English. Excellent work!

App is in Russian and can't load many threads

I tried contacting the developer through his site and email before leaving this review but did not get a reply. I haven't been able to use this app since I bought it a week ago. It loads in Russian by default even after I reinstalled. I went through every menu and there is no option to adjust language. There is also no instructions in the app description on how to do it. I also can't open certain threads or boards and it gives me an error message that I can't understand because it's in Russian. Might want to steer clear of this app until he resolves the problem and posts it in the app description.

Great so far!

Runs well. Crashes are few and far between. WEBM support is killer! Only reason for not 5 is embedded links are not live and copy and paste is a bit of a hassle but other than that it's great!

English is there

So far no webm support from what i can see but dont listen to the other reviews, there is english you just have to wait for the translations to load

Steer clear

Until I see an option to make it English I conclude this is waste of money. Unless you can read Russian don't buy it

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