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New update bug

When watching webMs in gallery mode the next webM doesn't play automatically. You have to hit the play button in the bottom corner every time. Will change rating back to five stars once fixed.

Really nice

It works as well as the apps on other systems and is as smooth as can be. I had the Russian problem too but setting the language to English and restarting fixed it. The other problems reviews complained about are nonsense. If you can figure out how to set preferences, I doubt 4chan is for you. Thanks to the developer and apple for putting this into the store.

I would give it five stars if...

It’s a pretty good app overall, but on /pol it doesn’t have an identifier (ID) for posters. I like to highlight the ID of interesting posters or people I’m having a conversation with so I can read all of the posts in a particular thread. It makes it easy to identify trolls and makes it easy to have a little back-and-forth with people when we can see the ID. Am I missing something in the settings? Anyone have any ideas on how I can see posters ID?


i paid money for this app but so far can't even use it, images ONLY appear in the catalogue and i can't see images posted in threads, not even OP image unless viewing from catalogue. im using an iphone 7 though i havent updated in a while, but so far the app is borderline dysfunctional, can't load images on an imageboard.

No sound?

Everything works great except for some reason there’s no sound for webm’s

No longer working

Often gifs don’t seem to save as animated just one still image but it is a nice app Update Can no longer reply to anything, also the gif problem has not been addressed

Near Perfect

Coming from Android, I was worried about finding a good 4chan app for iOS. I’m happy to say that this app rivals the biggest Android 4chan apps. The UI is great, and the app has nearly all of the features I look for. It would be nice if we could set catalogue as the default way to view boards. I would really like to see an easy way to rearrange the order of different boards, at least under favorites. Once in awhile viewing a webm is buggy and doesn’t load, but it’s not a big deal. Fantastic app, definitely the best 4chan browser on iOS.

Not Perfect, But Better Than Web

This app is very useful because it allows you to easily bookmark and refresh multiple threads, as well as scroll through a gallery of pictures in each thread and view webm videos without hassle. The themes are pleasant and overall it’s a stable and enjoyable way to browse imageboards. There are a few things missing though, the biggest ones I can think of are 1). Can’t choose catalog view as default (you have to switch to it manually every time you visit a board), 2). Can’t save or post gifs (they are viewable however), 3). No special notification when your post is replied to, and 4). Can’t search for text within threads. With those 4 things sorted I think this app would be near perfect. There’s some other nice features that could be added like saving webm files within the app, looping webms, or themes that match the web board colors, but overall it’s still worth the money as it stands.

No webm audio

No webm audio

Very cool and good™️


This should not cost money

The greedy owners/developers of this piece of garbage have really swindled me. So many bugs, videos wont play, they’ll stop playing in the middle, they’ll play the audio but not the video, and this is the case for nearly every other one. Since the first day i had the app, it has not stood up to it’s free counterparts on the android store. That said, the quality of this app has decreased steadily. IF YOURE GOING TO CHARGE MONEY FOR SOMETHING, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PRODUCT THAT FUNCTIONS PROPERLY. Edit: Also it crashes. Please guys, either fix it or give me my money back

Best App of All Time

This is easily my favorite app ever

Great App

It’s really good as it is, but it would be better if there was a faster way to save images.

Good App

Moved over to iOS from Android, have been used to clover, and this does a good job of filling the void.

Thank god the only app for 4chan is totally worth the money.

Please though, make sure /pol/ has flag support. That’s my only complaint about this whole app. Otherwise it is pretty much perfect.

Last second of every webm

Every webm pauses at the last second and the audio continues til the end and a lot of the videos is important to watch to the very end specially the funny drastic ending memes.

Best board app yet

Was a little hesitant to purchase at first but this app is great

Very nice

Overall a very nicely designed app. It’s far more convenient to use for imageboards than a mobile browser. It also receives regular updates from the developer, which is always a great sign — the app is undergoing continuous improvement. The main gripe I have is its lack of support for 8chan. Hopefully that will be addressed in the eagerly anticipated v2.0!

Good app but

But when browsing 4chan, the app will just go black after watching 2 webm videos if they reach the end, then I have to quit the app if I dont exit the video before the video ends


Works great. But when a webm file finishes playing, the whole screen freezes black, only way to fix is to close app and restart app.

Please fix

When a webm finishes the screen goes black and doesn’t return to the thread i was in. Please fix i can watch webms without closing the app each time it finishes. good app otherwise tho, some webm lag but it ok

Are Videos Ever Going to Work?

I love this app, but videos are unusable. Right now, if you watch a video in the app and let the video finish, the screen turns black and you’re forced to kill the app. The developer seems to be working on video support, but it’s been months of problems so far. I’m using an iPhone 7.

Webm problem

App stop responding and goes to black screen after a webm finishes playing. Also please add looped playback for webms

What happened?

This app was so useful. It still is a good app but why can't we swipe between webm's anymore ????

New bug

Since the last update there’s been a bug where if you finish watching a .webm the screen would just go black. You’re unable to go back to the thread and have to restart the app. The only way around this bug is to click off the video before it ends. Other than that this app is great


No filters is an immediate 2 star drop. Needs notifications when keywords are posted.

Can’t see B or Gif or anything else interesting...

I have no idea how to add /B/ to the list. It’s just not there... it would be great if they kept the entire board available

Has potential, a good app overall

This app is good overall. It cannot save gifs and it’s hard to figure out how to save images at first. One of the biggest bugs I’m having at the moment is when I’m looking at images, sometimes it will not allow me to swipe down to close out the image and I have to swipe left or right to another image to swipe down and exit, or close the app if there are no other images to switch to. Also sometimes it crashes. It has potential and with more bug fixes and polishing it will be totally worth the cost. Needs work but I like the app a lot and it is very usable.

The bad makes the good irrelevant

Frequent crashes while playing webm files. No way to refresh from catalog. 1/5 until these are fixed.

Would have given it 5 stars, but...

How come the 2ch tab is in Russian and not Japanese like it ought to be?

Black screen?

After viewing a webm to until the end the app just freezes at a black screen about 75% of the time, also I can't scroll through media anymore? What gives?

Pretty great except for this annoying bug

When I watch a webm now the whole app crashes when the video is done.

Crashes on crashes with new update

Webm and gifs are separated and now it crashes every time I watch one

Videos broke

After the most recent update that opens videos in a separate player, you can’t get out of the player if you let the video go to the end other than that great app

Awesome App! Add ability to save pics!

Review will definitely become 5 stars when we get the ability to save pics and vids.

Good app, but can’t reply to replies

Maybe i’m wrong but, you can’t reply to replies. Until I figure out what i’m doing wrong this will stay a 3-star. There is no support, the “support” website is a request for additions to the app, but no actual support. I really love this app, and 4chan apps are scarce nowadays, but please add a real support link.

Video player still needs more work

The new update is causing the webms to blink and flicker repeatedly. Also the gallery tends to appear and not go away after touching the screen. Everything else works smoothly

The Definitive 4chan Experience

I had previously complained about not being able to save images. Since then, two things have happened: 1. I figured out how to save images and felt like an idiot. 2. An update was released that dramatically improved WebM performance. This is without question the best way to use 4chan on iOS.

4chan pass

Implement the pass already

Missing important feature

The problem with this app, is it does not tell you when a thread goes 404 or has been archived. Without that, it's hard to sort out which threads to keep watching and which threads to close. I find that a very important feature in any imageboard program, and I consider its absence to be a bug. Less important, but still desirable features would include notifications when your posts are replied to in threads you are watching, the ability to post images directly from a Google Images search result (this was one of my favorite features of the long-gone Anonyma app), the ability to do reverse image searches through iqdb and yandex as well as Google, and integration with the various archives. I strongly suggest the developer take a look at the "4chanX" browser script on Github for an idea of what features users consider desirable, and have come to expect from their site experience. I will update this review as the requested features are added. I am a developer with some familiarity with the site's API, so feel free to contact me if you need clarification.

Severe oversights make app unusable.

I got a three day ban last week for posting duplicate threads. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, however on the iPhone browsers, captchas no longer work and you can't post. I've tried safari, chrome, brave, opera, and others, yet they all crash. What this means is that you can no longer get your unban message, meaning a temporary ban is effectively a permanent ban on the device (until changes are made). I've contacted the developer with no response, and now the app is effectively useless.

Basically perfect

I wish you could upload images from iCloud though.


Last few updates completely broke video sharing to other apps etc. Can’t even drag up on the video in gallery to get to the share options.

What did I just purchase?

Garbage, plain and simple. Does not work at all.

the best ios app for the 4chn boards!!!

this app is amazing!!! it just needs the fine tweak in some areas. the developer knows what needs to be done. so support him and pay the 1.99! the same you would on a red bull or coffee or gross fast food sandwich. if you love 4chan...this is your best ios non jailbroken app for it so just support and love <3 best 1.99 i have spent in yrs!

Few hiccups

At least the dev looks at user suggestions,so it will be better in the long run

Great app

Recently got an iPhone X and it’s nice to see that this app is completely supported for it. Works great, seems that the hard lock bug when watching webms is gone, and overall is a good *chan browser



Only missing 1 major feature.

Works awesome, second only to fortune app, plus no need to be sideloaded. User id is missing on all posts, there is no way to tell who is replying. It's the only thing keeping this from being THE 5 star chan app on iPhone.

Webm unwatchable on iPad

Love the app on my iPhone. Unfortunately, the iPad version has serious issues with webm playback. Video plays at about 1/4 speed while audio is at normal speed. Webm’s without audio experience the same problem. Please fix. Otherwise, great app!

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